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I studied Graphic Design and Photography in college and when I learned how to develop black and white film I absolutely loved it. I now have been shooting digital for over 12 years. I still shoot film time to time because I feel there is a warmth to it that cannot be captured by digital photography.

The ability of photography to capture a point in time never fails to perplex me. Because of our ever-changing universe, the object captured with its surroundings will never be in the same place or moment ever again. It's mind-blowing and beautiful.

I live in Chicago with an American Bulldog, a Calico cat (both of which I love) and my husband (who I like). All of which have endured endless hours in front of the camera for which I am forever grateful.


We live in the small south side neighborhood of Bridgeport 4 blocks from Sox Park and experienced them winning the World Series in 2005. I love Chicago and its perfect blend of infinite urban and nature photo opportunities.

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